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Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug in. Silverlight enable us to create visually stunning application with the help of Microsoft’s development environment , We can develop rich internet application and media experience on the web.

Microsoft has made silverlight browser plug-in free.

Some high level features provided in Sliverlight

  • Cross-Platform support
  • Silverlight provide cross-platform and cross-browser support, running in almost all top browser

  • DRM
  • Silverlight has support for Digital Rights Management of media files

  • AJAX-Support
  • No need to refresh page for changes

  • .NET Framework
  • Silverlight is a subset of .NET framework that’s why we can use the entire .NET framework base class library.

  • Communication
  • We can access service based resources via WCF Services, XML Web Services etc.

  • JavaScript Integration
  • Silverlight support standard java script language which allow more control over the browser UI.

  • Streaming Media
  • You can stream audio or video

  • Support of WPF
  • Silverlight allow us to use powerful graphic system of Windows Presentation Foundation

  • HTML
  • Using silverlight HTML and managed code can communicate.

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