Android Application Development

Android is a powerful operating system. Most of the smart phone and tablets in market runs on android operating system. DRC Infotech has a expert team of android application developers, who have developed a lot of application associated with adroid.

Benefits of android operating system

Android is getting more popularity due to certain advantages that it provides are:
  • Open source mobile operating system
  • It can run multiple application at a same time
  • Fast development
  • Google and Social integration
  • Show of information on screen
  • Media Support
  • Flexibility
  • Integrated browser

IPhone Application Development

iPhone is an ideal platform to develop all sorts of mobile applications that supports to make flexible and user friendly apps. DRC Infotech’s iPhone application development service addresses the needs of various fields like business, entertainment, social networking, shopping, navigation, browsing and much more. We have right skills to develop innovative iPhone Apps to enhance user experience and satisfy business needs. Our iPhone developers have proven expertise in delivering high quality applications that look attractive, function flawlessly and enthrall the users.

iPhone service offerings at DRC Infotech:

  • Better customer service with satisfaction
  • Awareness of business products and service with apps
  • Creating brand recognition
  • SQLite
  • Increase business profit and sales
  • Open communication channel
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increase business profit and sales
  • Customized application exclusively based on requirements
  • Smart applications with enhanced user-experience
  • Authentic approach towards niche marketplace
We are keen for Smartphones and choose to create apps which can make Smartphones really Smart, easy to use, productive and fun. The statistic shows that the demand of mobile application and smartphones are spreading faster compared to personal computer sales. This is why, we have trained not only in Web Design and development but also Mobile Website Design, Mobile Website Optimizer and Mobile Applications. DRC Infotech is a best mobile app Designing and Development company offering Mobile Application Design and Development services for android, iPhone, and iPad. Our team of mobile app developers is creative and on the ball to perform your individual demands as well as your business needs. With highly developed tools and technology, our mobile application experts are able to create highly customized mobile applications for customer needs and enterprises. Our expertise and past work are the showcases of our brilliance in mobile applications development. Our application development goes within a complete process of developing, testing, Beta release, and Final release.

Mobile Application Services includes

Support & Maintenance

Why make a mobile app?

  • Mobile only internet community has increased by more than 750 million people in the current 5 years
  • In 2016, the mobile-only population is anticipated to be approx 788 million
  • 86-90% of the time employed on mobile is through on apps
  • Gaming and Social Networking account for more than 60-70% of time spent on mobile apps.
  • Of all ad income through mobile is more than 25-30% is for apps extra than Google or Facebook.
Android and iOS development Compnay

We are expert in the tracking of Mobile Application Development Industries like

Social Networking
Health and Fitness
Travel and leisure
Location, Map and Navigation
Mobile Commerce

Mobile Apps Development Services We Offer

Android App Development

Android operating system is extensively used due to its elegant and moneyed applications. Our team of skilled full developers is acquainted in app development for Android phones and tablets. We renovate in generous Android Application Development services for your big business or customer app demands.

iPhone App Development

Our acknowledged iPhone application developers are well outfitted in iOS technological advancements. Our team of developers stay updated with modern versions and newly started devices of iOS. With Use iPhone SDK our mobile app experts build conventional iPhone application as a piece of our services.

iPad App Development

We are skilled in iOS development and well prepared in presenting best extensible iPad apps to our clients. From the incipience, we have been prompt in traversing iPad apps with the best outcomes. We have proficiency in structuring customized iPad application for all areas that users love.

Windows App Development

Why Do You Choose Us?

Team of Skilled and Qualified developers
In-Depth perceptive of frameworks and most modern mobile technologies.
On – demand capability to work in the tight deadlines
Quality oriented work procedure
well-timed delivery and cost valuable services
Known for developing high quality and robust mobile apps