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Hire Offshore Resources

Offshore software development has become the catchword of the day and has come to stay. Thanks to the web and the powerful connectivity on internet, software development can be done, monitored and managed thousands of miles away sitting in any part of the world. DRC is an ideal software development company with expertise and bent in it. We cater and satisfy clients across the globe from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Middle East and other parts of Europe. Offshore software development is a unique concept which caught momentum in last some years owing to tremendous requirement, software development expertise in country like India and above all cost effectiveness. Offshore software development is practiced by most of the companies who want cost effective measures in software development, concentrate on their core expertise and wants fast and 24 hour working which is possible due to difference in time zones.

Advantages of offshore software outsourcing:

  • Focus on core business
  • Experienced support for IT
  • Cost efficiency in operations as well as development
  • Optimum use of system management & support processes
  • Enriched project management, and service delivery
  • Time saving (for more important tasks)
  • Improved system reliability
  • 24 hours output due to difference in time zones.
  • Flexibility in manpower utilization
  • No capital or up front investments.

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