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DotNetNuke is one of the most popular open source content management systems built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology that is used to develop, deploy and manage Intranet, Extranet and Websites. It uses various databases to store content and gives a highly cost effective development process as it is open source and thus available for free. DotNetNuke is the current demand and DRC Infotech is all set to fulfill it.

DRC Infotech has gained extensive experience of working on this platform to provide highly desirable solutions. Our DotNetNuke team has the complete expertise to develop high proficiency products that fulfill all your needs and take your business process to a higher level.


  • DotNetNuke offers measurable strategic advantages: It lowers the costs associated with developing and managing Web sites, simplifies internal management processes, and makes hosting packages more attractive and valuable. DotNetNuke integrates quickly with existing infrastructure and has no licensing restrictions.
  • It reduces the support burden of assisting clients with content authoring, deployment, and configuration.
  • Replace homegrown solutions: The advanced features in DotNetnuke far exceed the features in your homegrown 'site builder' systems. DotNetnuke is constantly adding new features and functionality to address end-user requirements – while saving you valuable development time and expense.
  • Stable yet flexible applications: DotNetNuke offers stable applications because all modules are tightly integrated within a common development environment.
  • Ongoing development: The common framework and core modules are continuously being upgraded and improved. This means that as newer versions of DotNetNuke become available, the existing applications may be upgraded simply and at little cost.
  • Fully customisable: The common framework provides for the intergration of 3rd party modules as well as full customisation.

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