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Angular JS Development Services

Angular JS - a very popular name among the latest technologies. Those who are good at it knows that it is a future (at least for next couple of years). .

Unlike jQuery, AngularJS is not a library. Instead, it is a new open source JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google.

Its eventual objective is to enhance browser-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability; in simple words – it is designed to make your front-end web development and testing as easy as possible.

A fact that Angular is managed by dedicated (and highly talented) Google engineers, means you not only have a large open community to learn from, but you also have skilled, highly-available engineers tasked to help you get your Angular questions answered.

It is a complete package for quick front-end development. You do not need to use any other plugins or frameworks to build a data-driven web application. Here’s an overview of Angular’s stand-out features:

  • Using only a one line of code you can quickly communicate with the server and get the data you need. AngularJS turns this into a simple JavaScript object, as Models, following the MVVM (Model View View-Model) pattern.
  • MVVM to the Rescue! Models talk to ViewModel objects (through something called the $scope object), which listen for changes to the Models. These can then be delivered and rendered by the Views, which is the HTML that expresses your code. Views can be routed using the $route Provider object, so you can deep-link and organize your Views and Controllers, turning them into navigable URLs. AngularJS also provides stateless controllers, which initialize and control the $scope object.
  • Data Binding and Dependency Injection. Everything in the Model-View:view-Model pattern is communicated automatically across the UI whenever anything changes. This eliminates the need for wrappers, getters/setters or class declarations. AngularJS handles all of this, so you can express your data as simply as with JavaScript primitives, like arrays, or as complex as you wish, through custom types. Since everything happens automatically, you can ask for your dependencies as parameters in AngularJS service functions, rather than one giant main() call to execute your code.
  • Extends HTML. Most websites today are built using a giant series of tags with little semantic clarity. You need to create extensive and exhaustive CSS classes to express the intention of each object in the DOM. With Angular, you can operate your HTML like XML, giving you endless possibilities for tags and attributes. Angular accomplishes this, via its HTML compiler and the use of directives to trigger behaviors based on the newly-created syntax you write.
  • Makes HTML your Template. If you’re used to Mustache or Hogan.js, then you can quickly grasp the bracket syntax of Angular’stemplating engine, because it’s just HTML. Angular traverses the DOM for these templates, which house the directives mentioned above. The templates are then passed to the AngularJS compiler as DOM elements, which can be extended, executed or reused. This is key, because, now, you have raw DOM components, rather than strings, allowing for direct manipulation and extension of the DOM tree.
  • Enterprise-level Testing. As stated above, AngularJS requires no additional frameworks or plugins, including testing. If you’re familiar with projects, like QUnit, Mocha or Jasmine, then you’ll have no trouble learning Angular’s unit-testing API and Scenario Runner, which guides you through executing your tests in as close to the actual state of your production application as possible.

Our AngularJS programmes are not just aware of the core advantages of AngularJS, but they have also mastered the skills of implementing them in real applications.

Some of the Added Features and Advantages of AngularJs:

  • Reusable HTML parts, localization and smart change detection
  • MVC design pattern to accelerate development process
  • A good way of synchronization for two-way data binding
  • Amazing web templating by simply expanding HTML vocabulary

Why Business Needs Angular.JS Development

  • Create apps and website more quickly and with less effort
  • To have easy maintained web and apps
  • Improve testability of your product
  • Allows easy collaborating and establishing outstanding customer communication
  • Turns your business proficient in less time
  • Get real-time updates on data

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